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A bit of a History

Our experiences throughout the years gave us so much to offer that our name became the greatest amongst the greatest names

Ecole des Sciences Byimana was established in 1952 by the Marist Brothers and opened its gates as Bukomero Primary School with boys only, then became Ecole des Moniteurs. In 1987, the school started admitting girls. In the 1994 Rwanda genocide, the school lost many of its staff members as well as students. The school has had many names but the best known is Ecole des Sciences Byimana. In 2002, the school celebrated its 50th anniversary with 800 students both boys and girls.In 2008, it had both O'level and two Options namely Bio-Chimie (Biology-Chemistry) and Math-Physique(Maths-Physics), where it changed in 2009 to teach three combinations:MCB, PCM, PCB, with the inclusion of MPC in 2014.In 2017, the school celebrated its 65 years anniversary together with the Marist Bicentenary.

Esc Byimana 1993


Our name becomes the most popular to the present date :Ecole des sciences Byimana

Intellects called us:Humanites Scientifiques

Our journey to greatness continues with:Ecole Normale Inferieure

We open our gates with the name:Ecole de Moniteurs

Our Mission

"Providing Inclusive and wholistic education grounded in Christian values, enabling our students to be good Christians and citizens"

Our Vision

ESc Byimana is commited to being a center of excellence and reference in science formation of young Rwandans.

Golden Rule

Be at the Right Place at the Right Time doing the right Thing with the right Person.

Core Values

Patriotism-Accountability,Smartness-safety-Hardworking, Simplicity-Love of God and Neighbor, Family spirit and Presence in the way of Mary.

What do we offer?

Being a large community, we have lots of things to learn, supported by our well equipped facilities turning the experience here very enjoyable


All students live on campus and are provided all necessary living materials including beddings

Health services

Got sick? no problem, we have a full time school nurse where even serious cases are taken quickly to the hospital


Our kitchen ensures that our students are always energetic and healthy with the help of our full time canteen

Science & Technology

Since our establishment, we've given the country some of the best pioneers in science and Technology and we're proud to be called "Ecole des Sciences"

Sport & Leisure

We have good sports and entertainment facilities where students can play different sports, listen to music, news, movies and host evening shows


Our students get involved in Extracurricular activities like clubs, Movements, volunteering, Talent development and getting to know themselves better


Our language of communication is English and we help every student become a global citizen by practicing through speaking


Students get involved in different Government programmes like Itorero and Umuganda which help them become better Rwandans


The Marist brothers are the lifeblood of our achievements. Who amongst them ruled this great community?

# Principal Started Ended
1 Brother Alvarus 1952 1995
2 Brother Ngombwa Stanislas 1996 2002
3 Brother Malisaba Straton 2002 2009
4 Brother Ngombwa Stanislas 2009 2013
5 Brother Alphonse Gahima 2013 2015
6 Brother Malisaba Straton 2015 2017
7 Brother Crescent Karerangabo 2018 2022
8 Brother INGABIRE J.M. Vianney 2022 Present


One loaf of bread program(OLB)

We intend to support poor students with school fees and equipments through partnership development and fundraising.

Improving ICT for academic purposes

By extending internet resources and increasing the number of computers and accessories, Teaching and learning materials.

Rainwater harvesting extension

The project is to extend our water rentetion system to store more water and reduce environmental damages from our buildings.

Quality education boosting

We intend to train our staff and organise field visits for both staff and students to better comply with the Competence Based Curriculum.