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We are a science school that belongs to the Congregation of Marist Brothers. The school was founded in 1952 by Marist Brothers who came to Rwanda and engaged themselves in schools and other forms of education. We put our heart and soul into serving young people’s development for the sake of humanity, we share our spirituality and our educational approach with parents, teachers, and other members of the education community. We provide a holistic and inclusive education including training our students in moral and Christian values to prepare them to become good Christians and good citizens. We give the opportunity to our students to develop their skills into various sciences, always striving to offer quality and complete education and training which makes them perform well in school and in various competitions organized at school, provincial and national levels.

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Discover ESB

ESB is an acronym that refer to the school’s French name “Ecole Des Sciences Byimana”. Some of our particularities make us even more recognised:

The Esc BYIMANA time

At ESB, every second counts and we have to make the best out of it. Here, the bell or siren is not a call to action, but a reminder. As described by our golden rule the time is a very important asset that we have to use efficiently.

The Esc BYIMANA culture

We love to go outside the classroom and explore our limits and all in all, we're always successful in whatever we do. Whether academics, sports, debates or competitions, the name ESB always strikes fear in everyone around. Excellence is our identity.

The Esc BYIMANA Spirit

This is STATISTICS Club helping local people around the school to fight against malnutrition by cultivating vegetables. Our clubs and movements are very active not only inside the school but also in its vicinity and beyond.


Chorale INEZA YA NYAGASANI accomplished a feat that none had achieved before by winning two consecutive trophies of the classical music competitions organised by Chorale Illuminatio of National University of Rwanda.


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Our School is very Vibrant and there's always a lot of things happening inside.

Who led our school & when

The Marist brothers are the lifeblood of our achievements. Who amongst them ruled this great community?

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Holiday Exercises

The ESB staff have prepared exercises for the students. You can get them here to keep you busy and learning

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Ambitious projects

One loaf of bread project
Improving ICT for academic purposes
Rainwater harvesting extension

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Principal's Message

The true education should lead to perfection which is our universal call (Mt 5:48). It helps to manifest and develop the power, abilities, and the potential which the individual already has, as given by our Creator. This can be achieved by following our school motto: Conscience – Science – Excellence.

By conscience, we understand a person's moral sense of right and wrong, viewed as acting as a guide to one's behavior. It is commonly said that “Science without conscience is but the ruin of the soul”. This calls everyone to form a good conscience by following God’s commandments and other rules and regulations which govern the society and listening to the voice of God which talks to us in many forms.

By science, we call upon students to master what they learn in class and even outside the class and apply in their daily life what they have learned, responding to the competence-based curriculum. Indeed, the true learning happens when there is change in behavior.

By virtue of excellence, we excel in everything both in curricular and extracurricular activities. this can be justified by observing the performance in national examinations results and many other competitions we attend. Besides, those who finish in our school are appreciated on job market since our school is known for good discipline.

To conclude, I call upon everyone to respond the call of perfection through excellence in moral virtues and our studies. This cannot be achieved by our own efforts, but by the grace of God.

—— Bro. INGABIRE Jean Marie Vianney

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