Alumni and Friends

Byimana alumni expects skilled people that are intended to contribute
to Rwanda's reconstruction

What is "The Byimana Alumni?"

The Byimana Alumni is an association of Ex or former students of Esc BYIMANA. We should remember our School, our alumni mater in whose stage we had passed so many golden years of our formative period. Thus the name Ecole de Sciences Byimana conjures up the images of the spacious sandy green field where we had spent so many jolly hours, the classrooms resounding with the voices of teachers and the memories of pranks and frolics with classmates.

Our Mission & Vision

The association shall serve as a medium for alumni’s to build and maintain lifelong relations with their parent school and current students, so as to stimulate interest, build loyalty, increase development and generate support (monetary, academically and other) for the School and its enrolled students.As a broad-based, united, and strong body of fully supportive alumni members willing to commit their resources towards the attainment of its objectives.

What we do

- Association Meetings - Terms awards for best student’s performance - Special occasions (Homecoming for appreciations) - Tournament between alumni and current students (volleyball, basketball, football) - Talent show promotion from the current students - Attending Champagnant’s celebration party - Mini expo of science discovers and innovations by current students and Alumni as well as helping the school in many various activities

Our objecives

- To work for the betterment of school and its members.
- Provide a means for career networking and mentoring to both Byimana Alumni Association and to current students who need guidance.
- Plan, arrange and execute events initiated by Ecole de Science Byimana for the Alumni body

ESB'S notable alumni

Dr. Ntawukuriryayo J. Damascene

Former President of the senate

Amb. Joseph HABINEZA

Former Minister of Sports and Culture

Kagame Geoffrey

President of Byimana Alumni Association

Our Previous Meeting

The meeting was held at the St Paul's hall Kigali in October 2018 where the association was officially launched. The ESB magazine and website was also launched at this time