Meet the Team

People who work at ESB share the vision and values of our community

Our People

This is our Team.A lot of happy, smiling people who work hard to empower our Students

The Administration

The Esc Byimana Administration is committed to equip students with the discipline and knowledge
needed to be the best they could be.

Bro. INGABIRE J.M. Vianney


Contact: +250 788316663

Nowadays, the highest heritage one can give to somebody is "good education". The founder of the Marist Brothers, Saint Marcellin Champagnat, insisted that to educate children, you must love them and love them equally. Our overall objective is to form the future good Christians and good citizens, through inclusive and holistic education. Thanks to all who appreciate and enjoy our education.



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Uwimpuhwe Beatrice


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Kubwimana J. Damascene

—Lab Technician

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The Campus ministry

Our school offers the Campus Ministry services. The Campus Minister provides the opportunity for students to enhance their faith and spirituality as well as moral development which help them to find greater meaning to their lives. The Campus Minister facilitates the follow-up of Religious activities, Youth Movements, guidance and counselling, as well as Basic Christian Communities. In addition to these activities, Campus Ministry organises the projects which aim at helping the poor within and outside the school through fund raising, building and repairing houses for the homeless, and farming.

Bro. Théoneste Kalisa Ruhando

—Campus Minister

Contact: +250 784333496

"Our campus is a vibrant community filled with intellectual curiosity and a thirst for meaning,"
says Bro. Théoneste Kalisa Ruhando, the Campus Minister.
"The Campus Ministry is here to walk with you as you explore your faith, develop your values, and find your purpose. We invite you to join us and be part of something special."